Membership Information

Field educators can join NANFED as individuals or through school or consortia sponsored membership.   Annual membership dues support NANFED activities, which include:

  • Supporting the development of Regional Field Consortia, and providing communication to and across consortia.
  • Sponsoring the annual Heart of Social Work Award, the only national award honoring excellence in social work field instruction.
  • Sponsoring the Dean Schneck Memorial Award for Distinction in Social Work Field Education, recognizing significant contributions by field educators.   
  • Hosting the Heart of Social Work Award reception and NANFED Annual Business Meeting at the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Annual Program Meeting (APM).
  • Ensuring the viability and visibility of the Field Education Track of the CSWE APM, fostering track leadership, abstract submission, and peer review participation by field consortia members and field educators.
  • Identifying issues relevant to field education to be addressed by NANFED, the CSWE Council on Field Education, and at the CSWE APM.
  • Mentoring new field directors.
  • Providing information and networking through

Annual Membership Dues:

NANFED is committed to membership access.  In response to member feedback, we have implemented a tiered dues structure.

Category Dues Description
Individual $25 An individual field director or coordinator without institutional sponsorship
Institution $50 Covers all field directors/coordinators in a single institution
ConsortiumUp to 10 schools11-20 schoolsOver 20 schools $35/school$30/school$25/school Consortia range in size from 2 to 31 schools.  Dues paid in this category should reflect the total number of schools within the consortium.

Membership forms are available at the Membership Dues tab.