About the Heart of Social Work Award

The North American Network of Field Educators and Directors established the Heart of Social Work Award to recognize and acknowledge excellence in our partners in social work field education: agency based field instructors.  This special award resulted from discussions with field directors across the country.  The first awards were made in 1995.  In the years since, the award has honored field instructors who have made outstanding contributions to field education and the social work profession.

Nominees are evaluated in three categories:

  1. Skill in field instruction and teaching
  2. Service to the University / School / Program
  3. Creativity and innovation in field instruction

NANFED distributes the call for nominations to field consortia chairs and the CSWE field director list serve every summer.  Nominations can be submitted by any social work field education program in the US or Canada.

A list of recent recipients with links to more information is below.  

2017 – Theresa Kelly McPartlin, St. Paul, MN

2016 – Heather McDonald, Toronto, ON

2015 – Carol Heinisch, Denver, CO

2014 – Illana Perlman, Toronto, ON

2013 – Nancy Jefferson Mance, Los Angeles, CA

2012 – Michael Herskovitz, New York, NY

2011 – George Baboila, St. Paul, MN

2010 – Joseph Scalise, St. Louis, MO, and Tammy Muskat, Toronto, ON

Emeline Homonoff’s study on Heart of Social Work awardees can be found in the article:

Homonoff, E. (2008).  The heart of social work:  Best practitioners rise to    challenges in field instruction.  The Clinical Supervisor, 27(2), 135-169.