We are pleased to see the role of NANFED recognized in recent literature on field directors.  The new Lyceum publication, Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence mentions the organization in chapters on history and professional development (Hunter, Moen, & Raskin, 2015).  The website for the seminal volume is available here.

In a recent article in The Field Educator, the authors note:

“In 1987, the North American Network of Field Educators and Directors (NANFED) convened to support field education in social work in the United States and Canada. Their efforts resulted in significant changes in the recognition of field-related pedagogy at the Annual Program Meetings of the Council on Social Work Education. An important part of NANFED’s success in increasing the legitimacy of field education within social work education has been the development of local consortia to support collaboration and communication among Field Directors. Together, these efforts resulted in significant changes to the 2008 accreditation standards, including the designation of field education as the signature pedagogy of social work education.”

Buck, P.W., Bradley, J., Robb, L., & Kirzner, R.S. (2012).  Complex and competing demands in field education:  A qualitative study of field directors’ experiences.  The Field Educator, 2(2).

This important article on the field director’s role can be found here.


We were pleased to see this lovely tribute to Ginger Robbins, NANFED co-chair and treasurer, on her retirement.  Congratulations, Ginger!  We wish you well!!


We were very saddened at the passing of Dean Schneck, a pioneer in social work field education, and critical contributor to the efforts that created NANFED, and co-editor with colleagues Bart Grossman and Urania Glassman, of the volume Field Education in Social Work: Contemporary Issues and Trends.   Tributes can be found here and here.


Many thanks to Larkin Hoffman for their support.  The firm provides pro bono legal assistance to dozens of non-profit organizations, including many serving vulnerable and marginalized populations.  You are truly change-makers!